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The Professional Challenge, Dominic’s latest article in Business Strategy Review, draws on interviews with the world’s leading professional service firm leaders. Growth, globalisation and industrialisation are tempting strategies for professional service firms. But, warn Dominic Houlder and his co-author Peter Williamson, unless properly managed they can put at risk what made firms successful in the first place.

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Dominic Houlder is one of Europe’s leading experts on strategy execution in B2B and professional services firms. He helps the leaders of major firms to connect with their clients, their colleagues and themselves in different and compelling ways.

Dominic brings a unique mix of theory, practical experience, and insight to his work. He is Adjunct Professor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management at London Business School where he has been based since 1994. Previously, he worked for the Boston Consulting Group and held senior leadership positions in the corporate world. Dominic has been a committed Buddhist practitioner for more than 30 years.

At London Business School, Dominic was Associate Dean of the School’s flagship Sloan Fellowship Programme. He continues to be closely involved in the programme, which attracts highly successful, senior professionals at turning points in their careers and lives, and he is a repeated winner of the Sloan Fellows’ "Best Teacher" award. He is Academic Director for the School’s Global Business Consortium for senior managers - from Oracle, Emirates, GEA, DP World, BUPA and Mars - who are moving into key leadership positions.

Dominic overseas the Board of his family’s business interests in Latin America. In the non-profit arena, Dominic is a Trustee of the Clore Social Leadership Foundation, a Council Member of the RNLI and a Trustee of the Karuna Trust.

Dominic’s major clients include PwC, Deloitte, SAP and Groupe Publicis. His engagements typically involve a customised mix of seminars, action-oriented workshops, and client events, as well as coaching and advisory roles with senior leaders. He designed and led London Business School’s executive workout programme, "Unlocking Your Client’s Strategy", and co-led the Australian Graduate School of Management’s consortium programme for the leadership teams of professional service firms. He is Academic Director for London Business School’s open Executive Education programme "Executing Strategy for Results" and co-leads the School’s New Generation Professional services programme. He has also worked with business and government institutions -- including Deutsche Bank, the UK Ministry of Defence and British Airways — on developing strategic supplier relationships with their professional advisers.

Dominic has an MA in History from Cambridge University and an MBA from Stanford Business School. His home is in Scotland, where — alongside his academic and client commitments — he is a crofter on the Isle of Skye.