Executing strategy for results

About the course
70% of strategies fail to deliver. Be in the 30% that succeed. Translate innovative strategy into tangible results.

In today’s ever-changing world, strategy needs to make an impact, fast.

Who should attend
This programme is designed for senior executives who want to close the gap between the time spent sculpting strategy and the time spent executing results. The course gives you the knowledge to enhance your organisation’s ability to react effectively to a changing environment, increase competitive advantage through an efficient organisational response and improve the culture for strategic implementation.

Attendees include:

  • CEOs and board members responsible for strategy execution.
  • Managers of a key area across a company.
  • Managers of a business unit or part of the management team.
  • Senior professionals managing projects that cut across different business units.
  • Executive team members who manage a company.

Learning outcomes

  • Strategy – Examine how organisations create, capture and sustain economic value.
  • Shared context – Discover what’s important to industries today and use strategy to assess organisational success with real-time measures of progress.
  • Organisational dynamics – Understand the processes for implementing strategy at every level of the organisation.
  • Resource allocation – Master the processes employed to allocate resources.
  • Leadership – Cultivate effective leadership and embed successful strategy execution throughout your organisation.
  • Commitments – Engage and influence employees to deliver in alignment with your organisation’s strategy execution.
  • Culture – Create a culture of recognition and reward for employees who deliver on ambitious commitments that adhere to core company values.

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