Dominic Houlder

Did the crisis kill innovation?

A lot of people ask, “is innovation dead in the current crisis?” In this video, Dominic looks into whether innovation opportunities still exist and are worth acting on in a time of crisis.

Winning in growth markets

The growth of the global middle class across India, China and other fast growing economies is arguably the most important trend in the coming decades. So how should firms organise themselves for success in these markets?


What is strategy?

It’s easy to be cynical about business strategies, but they’re more than just hot air. From her interview with Dominic, Jane Lewis charts their evolution and explains why every business needs one.


The professional challenge

Growth, globalisation and industrialisation are tempting strategies for professional service firms. But, unless properly managed they can put at risk what made firms successful in the first place.

London Business School

Anchors in a professional storm

Professional service firms — the ones traditionally hired to help other businesses — have increasingly found themselves in rough waters. They must ensure that they have anchors to keep them from drifting into turbulent waters that could destroy them.

London Business School

The greatest gift

This story behind a story prompts reflection on the as yet unnoticed ways in which any of us might have a profound impact on the world and the way it does business.

A fistful of morals

Worldly success and practising Buddhism are not mutually exclusive. Vishvapani visited the palatial London Business School and has asked Dominic how this was possible.

Dharma Life

Strategy execution challenges

Dominic gets to the root of one of the main challenges of strategy execution and how the reasons for our success in the past, may very well be the reasons for our failure in the future.

The agility loop

How can we remain agile and focused in decision making execution? Explore this topic entitled ‘The agility loop’ with Dominic Houlder and David Lewis.

Dominic Houlder

Dominic is one of Europe’s leading experts on professional services firms. He helps leaders to connect with their clients, their colleagues and themselves in different and compelling ways.

Doing the right thing

“Looking back from 2025, what would have been a good outcome from the pandemic for you and your organisation?” This is the question that we asked several thousands of our former students from London Business School in a recent webinar.

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Mindfulness & Money

Authors Dominic and Kulananda are leading instructors in business and Buddhism and present a fresh approach to making peace with your finances and creating true abundance.